Saturday, August 1, 2015

Color Run 2015

Sis, we have done color runs for three years!
I know Phia, check out my hair!
It's very high Sis!
My Rain and Emm are with us this year!
We have a large crew with us this year!
I see the first color Phia!
Phia, look it's PURPLE!
Maybe the next one will be green, Phia.
Nope it was orange, Phia. 
No Phia, BLUE.
Hehe, Phia look we went back to the purple to get more color.
Girls I know what the next color is!
It's not Green Phia!
Oh my goodness, Sparkles Sis!
We are SO going to shine, Phia!
Well, I will at least Sis.
Look at us all sparkling in the sun, Phia!
It's time for color war!!!
Leave me out you guys!
Sis, why is Gabers such a party pooper?
Speak for yourself Phia!
Look at us all shine,Phia!
Dang, we look good Sis!
Mom's notes- I was extremely nervous about how Gabriel would react today at the color run:
1. It is loud - They play music throughout the run, some live and some not. Gabriel either enjoys it or completely shuts down.
2. It is Very Crowded - they had over 11,000 registered runners not to mention spectators. Again this could go very well or be a complete disaster. Gabriel could shut down or even run off.
3. The color - With a sensory kiddo you are never quite sure how something new like people throwing powdered color on you might end up. 
Overall things went better than I expected. Gabriel refused to walk due to being extremely over stimulated so I carried him on my back. With this simple (and heavy) adjustment he was able to enjoy the 5k.