Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hawk Island

Gabers showed his rabbit yesterday.
He did a very good job!
Until he stole the microphone...
HEY, I didn't do anything naughty.
It MAY have been because Grandma was there.
I want to show a pig. 
No Phia, only monies, they are your size.
Hawk Island!!
There were unseen monsters at the splash pad.
Translation, it was closed for maintenance. 
So we got to SWIM instead!
Phia, can you believe mom took all four of us swimming by herself?
Crazy huh!
I love swimming!
The park was fun too!
There were all kinds of things to do.
Mom kind of had a moment because it was open to the water.
Not to mention we were climbing the walls at that point. 
She locked us up!
Don't worry, I escaped!
What a fun day!
Time to head home!