Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow day

Don't look at me!
Oh, I'm looking!
I'm not!
I said no looking at me!!!
I'm going to look if I want to. 
I'm not!
Okay, look now. 
Oh my!
Mom's notes-
Only at the Purdy house: Odin super excited to go outside sprinted out the door. And proceeded to slide across the entire deck with his legs out to the sides on his stomach. It was quite a sight. Isabella thought it was so funny she fell off her chair laughing. Sophia not wanting to miss out on the excitement throws her chicken pieces. One piece lands in Gabriel's pureed chicken. He flips out and flips his plate trying to get away from the non-pureed food. The plate lands on Isabella causing her to spring off the floor and run aimlessly. Aimlessly happened to be out the door where she promptly fell. Odin slipping and sliding sprints to her, crashing into her. Odin Licks her clean as she starts laughing again. All in a matter of seconds.