Thursday, November 27, 2014

Phia's list

My thankful list, by Phia...
I'm thankful I can finally have ponytails...
Even if mom calls them my mullet tails.
I am thankful when I am NOT woken up from my nap like this!
I am thankful when Gabers takes a moment, to leave me alone.
I am thankful for treasure hidden in the weirdest places!
I am thankful for my awesome choppers, I like to eat!
I am thankful for pony island. 
It was a lot of fun to kick over!
I am thankful Isabella was too tired to kill me for kicking over pony island!
I am thankful for this snowball bucket...
And my Michigan State bottle cozy!
I am thankful great-grandma showed me how to work this toy...
And this toy too.
I am thankful for my Purdy crazy family..,
Any Pink food coloring!!!