Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mom take over!

Isabella "I don't have a wiener John, I have a peacot (peacock)."
Lorrain "Isabella what did you say?"
Isabella "nothing."
Lorrain "Isabella what are you and john talking about."
Isabella "nothing, we were just playing."
Lorrain "what are you playing."
Isabella "we are playing with the bear, elephant, peacot, giraffe... John show Lorrain your wiener."
John stands up and shows Lorrain this:
Isabella bit another little girl at playcare today after getting pushed. We had a long discussion about using your words not your teeth to fight back. A half hour or more later, this conversation came up. 
Me "Isabella, have any of your friends lost their teeth?"
Isabella "yes, the other Isabella."
Me "how cool was that. I bet the tooth fairy visited her."
Isabella "she had blood, I don't want to lose my teeth. I don't want to bleed. I'm going to freak out."
Me "Isabella, our baby teeth have to fall out so that we have room for our big teeth. You need big teeth so you can eat when you are bigger."
Isabella "do we have teeth for defense?"
Me "yes we do."
Isabella "that's why I bit my friend, it was in defense mom."
Well played Isabella well played.